When it comes to installing a new driveway or walkway, homeowners have endless options. And although concrete driveways are a lot more common, brick walkways have several advantages.

Bricks also offer a simple and effective way of improving your property’s curb appeal. Not only is it a functional addition, but a brick walkway can bring beauty to any outdoor area.

Why Choose a Brick Walkway?

Brick walkways are relatively easy to install compared to other home improvement projects.

The flexibility also allows you to choose the design of your choice and bring your vision to life.

Brick retains its color, even when exposed to UV rays, allowing them to keep its look and timeless style without too much maintenance.

In fact, clay brick resists staining more than most surfaces and requires a lot less maintenance than a concrete driveway.

Brick is made of all-natural, eco-friendly material – making it the sustainable choice that can be reused over and over again.

When considering brick, keep in mind that there are some downsides. For example, brick tends to cost anywhere between 15-20% more than concrete. The size variance can make installation a little bit harder too. This could lead to increased labor costs.

Brick will also begin to crack when subjected to high traffic and will not hold up under heavy loads. Combine that with chipping and shearing, and brick may not be suitable for all property types.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Brick Walkway?

Putting an exact price on a brick walkway is almost impossible without getting some essential information. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate between various companies too.

However, for a basic 25′ x 4′ walkway, consumers reported a price range of anywhere between $800-$1,500+.

On average, the minimum cost to install a brick walkway can come in anywhere between $8 – $18 per sq. ft. On the other hand, opting for something very complex with decorative patterns could see an increase of as much as $30 per sq. ft.

DIY Brick Walkways

If you have the time and skill to build your own brick walkway, you could save a considerable amount of money on labor costs.

With a bit of planning and the correct tools, the job can be completed on a weekend.

DIY brick walkways can cost anywhere from $250 – $500+.

Be advised, however, that this is backbreaking work, and if you require a pattern you will have to do a bit of cutting with a wet saw too.

Can You Lay Brick Pavers Directly on Dirt?

Laying a brick walkway on soil is not as easy and straightforward as it seems and a little bit more work is required than simply flattening out the soil and laying the bricks over that.  If the surface is not prepared correctly, the brick will begin to shift as the ground underneath erodes. With professional installation, however, your brick walkway can last for decades.

Get in Touch With Local Professionals

Have you been considering a brick walkway to improve the overall look of your property? A professional will be able to complete the job with the least amount of hassle while also creating the finish you dreamed of. Why not talk with local experts to discuss your options and compare costs.