Staircases are an essential part of most homes.  Aside from practical functionality, brick steps can also be built as a decorative feature in many different styles to add massive curb appeal to your property.

When considering the cost to build brick steps, keep in mind that the type of bricks, the scope of the job, as well as your regional pricing trends could all impact the overall price.

How Much Do Brick Steps Cost?

Because the cost to install brick steps can depend on many different factors, it is so essential to compare estimates from at least 3 professionals in your region. Comparing estimates will help you not only find the best deal possible but also select a contractor best suited to your specific project.

Building Brick Steps Cost Breakdown

Cost Category Description Cost Estimate
Material Cost Cost of bricks and other materials needed $500.00
Equipment Delivery Cost to deliver required equipment to the site $100.00
Worksite Preparation Costs for preparing the installation site, including any groundwork $200.00
Transportation Transportation costs for materials and crew $150.00
Installation Costs Overall cost for the installation of the brick steps $800.00
Hourly Labor Rates Cost per hour for labor, number of workers, and hours projected $50.00/hr

*calculations based on 300 sq. ft.

Brick steps installation cost should include the following:

However, estimates generally do NOT include the following:

Preventative Maintenance May Be Unavoidable

Brick doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but does need attention from time to time. Brick steps can often have problems on newly built properties and it starts with the foundation. Masonry steps are hardly ever built with the same quality foundation as the rest of the home. As the property settles over time, the steps settle at a different rate. Eventually, a diagonal crack appears between the house and the steps. This may be unavoidable and requires some tuckpointing and replacing of mortar. If the mortar is not replaced, some bricks may start to dislodge until, eventually, replacing the foundation and rebuilding the steps may be the only solution.

You Can Also Seal Brick Steps to Make Them Last Longer

Brick stairs are strong, durable, and potentially long-lasting. However, sealing steps will not only make for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, but will also help to protect the materials from premature weathering, stains, and maintenance.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Some Brick Steps?

When your brick steps are crumbling, it’s time to call in a professional for some brick repair. If the damage is extensive, then you should be budgeting for some brick replacement. On average, you should be budgeting for anywhere between $20 – $30 per sq ft.

However, brick can cost anywhere between $0.50 – $5.00 per brick. With some ornate work, and depending on the scale of the job, a brick replacement can cost in the region of $100 per sq ft.

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