Many homeowners are caught off guard when they realize that the sidewalk in front of the home is 9-actually their responsibility. And depending on where you stay, specific tax laws may already be in place to ensure the sidewalks in front of each property remains in good condition.

However, these are not the only sidewalks that need repair from time to time. Many homes are surrounded by them, making sidewalk repairs unavoidable.

Moreover, this isn’t just your average DIY project. For most sidewalk repair jobs, a lot of prep work happens before any repair work can even commence.

Additionally, specialized tools are required to actually complete the job, and unless you have the necessary saw blades and skill to pour concrete, this is a job best left to the professionals.

How Much Does Sidewalk Repair Cost?

Without knowing some obvious details, like the size of the area that requires repair, it would be impossible to give an accurate estimate of just how much your sidewalk repair costs will be.

Also, prices could be affected by the amount of work that has to be done before your sidewalk repair can even start. This may include things like removing tree roots, removal of rubble, repair work to the existing sidewalk, and more. Some jobs may even require additional materials such as a steel mesh or gravel base.

However, there are some basic estimates that can be made to get a fair estimate of what you should be paying for your sidewalk repair job.

Cost Breakdown

Poured concrete, for example, costs roughly $75 per cubic yard. This does not factor in the labor costs, which is usually around $68-$80 an hour, and this will depend on your regional pricing trends as well as the specific contractor you end up choosing.

Also, if your sidewalk has curbing that needs to be replaced, costs will be dictated by the type of material you’re working with. Granite, for example, costs around $25 per linear ft.

Different varieties of concrete curbing should cost anywhere in the region of about $27 per linear ft. But as with any home remodeling or repair job, it pays to compare quotes from professionals in your area.

When taking into consideration most of the related costs, sidewalk repair projects can be done for anywhere between $9-$10 per sq ft. This means that a section of sidewalk of roughly 5′ x 50′ (250 sq ft)  should cost between $2,250$2,500 to repair.

However, the average sidewalk repair cost comes in at anywhere between $670 $2,250. For smaller jobs, you could be spending in the region of about $300.00.

The cost to remove rubble, tree roots, or additional repair work can come in anywhere between $325 – $1,500, but this is again subject to the contractor you choose as well as the size of the job at hand.

Concrete sidewalk

Concrete remains one of the most commonly used materials for pouring sidewalks and can be done for anywhere between $5- $15 per sq ft, but usually averages around $8 per sq ft.

Also, small concrete repairs can be done for as little as $1 per sq ft.

Brick repairs

Once you have bricks that are cracked or broken, replacement may be your only option. Brick walkway repair costs can differ so it’s always recommended to compare estimates.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $0.35 – $0.80 per brick.  The average brick repair can come in anywhere between $300 – $1,200.

Landscaping costs

Sometimes, minor landscaping repairs are unavoidable, but this shouldn’t be the major price determining factor under normal circumstances.

Expect to pay as little as $200 – $300 if necessary. However, larger jobs can lead to extensive damage, so it’s always best to discuss your options with a reputable local contractor before you go ahead and hire anyone.