Concrete sidewalks remain as popular and practical as ever. Not only is it more affordable than most of your options, but it lasts long with low maintenance costs, improves the curb appeal of your property, and you can shape it any way you like.

Concrete Sidewalk Cost

The cost of a concrete sidewalk will depend on many factors.

Obviously, the size, shape, and thickness of the area that concrete will be poured will be a determining factor, making this remodeling project very similar to a new concrete driveway.

However, regional pricing trends, the contractor you choose, and even the time of year can all affect the overall cost of your concrete sidewalk.

For an average of 200 sq. ft. walkway, however, you should expect to pay in the region of $1250 – $2,500. This should cover the cost of labor, rubble removal, and any prep work that needs to be done before work can commence. On the upper end of the spectrum, this could go as high as $3,000 – $4,000 if you’re doing an upgrade with some color and paver embossing.

Without getting in touch with a local professional to find out some details about your sidewalk repair project, it would be nearly impossible to get an accurate price.

Most U.S. homeowners pay between $6 -$12 per sq. ft. for a new concrete walkway. Additional residential site clearing and preparation tasks range in cost from $0.50 -$1.50 per sq. ft. depending on the amount and size of material, and transport costs.

DIY vs Professional Contractor

If you’re handy around the home and able to do some minor repair work, this project is somewhat suitable for DIY if you have a good set of tools.

We highly recommend you reach out to a local contractor to get a feel for your local pricing trends and also get some professional input regarding your particular concrete sidewalk installation.

Keep in mind, however, that poor workmanship is one of the main contributors to early degradation and inflated maintenance cost for concrete walkways.

Even if you are considering a DIY concrete sidewalk repair, get in touch with a local expert to get an estimate of how much a project of your size should cost in your area while also discussing your options.

Pros of Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete sidewalks are aesthetically pleasing. It’s also perfect for creating a border or separating and outlining specific areas of your property.

Moreover, a concrete walkway makes for easier movement, especially if your property is difficult to navigate or you require some wheelchair access.

Concrete also allows for many options for elaborate effects through stamping techniques, and it will last for decades. And for something that last’s this long, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Cons of Concrete Sidewalk

As with most home remodeling or building projects, poor workmanship and installation will result in early degradation with large cracks appearing.

Furthermore, without professional finishing, you may be left with an uneven surface and an unattractive look.

Smooth concrete sidewalks can be slippery and dangerous when wet. During wet or icy conditions it can pose a serious hazard.

These are just some of the reasons why consulting with a local expert about your concrete sidewalk cost.

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