When the foundation of your home or property is damaged, some foundation repair may become inevitable. Unfortunately, this is all too common with roughly 80% of structural home insurance claims stemming from problems with the foundation.  This type of repair work can become a total nightmarish experience for many homeowners.

Signs That You May Need Some Foundation Repair

10 Dec 2010, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA — Dec. 10, 2010 – West Palm Beach, FL – Florida, USA – United States – 121010 (Richard Graulich/The Palm Beach Post) West Palm Beach – A crack along the foundation of Milton Gaddy’s home off 11th Street in West Palm Beach Friday. After West Palm Beach lost a $3 million housing grant, 16 residents who were supposed to have their houses repaired are now unsure if it will happen. (Credit Image: © The Palm Beach Post) — Image by © Richard Graulich/ZUMA Press/Corbis

Deterioration of your property’s foundation can be caused by a variety of factors and water is most often to blame.

These include plumbing leaks, poor soil compaction, lack of foundation drainage, as well as the climate of your regional location.

Once you start to notice the problems, its imperative to take action immediately.

Signs that foundation repair may be required immediately include:

Types of Foundation Repair

The options for a foundation repair will also depend on various factors such as the extent of the damage and your location. In most cases, tunnels are dug underneath the home while piers are driven into the ground in an attempt to correct the foundational problems.

Concrete Piers

This is by far the most common way of foundation repair. Concrete piers are easy to install, they are extremely reliable, and also the most cost-effective solution.

During this repair process, pressed concrete piers are installed by digging a hole under the edge of the foundation and then forcing the piers into the ground.

Drilled Piers

This is the preferred method of foundation repair for most contractors and also one of the oldest methods in use. Due to the fact that drilled piers are so versatile, they can be used slab foundations, home additions, as well as pier & beam foundations. It is more invasive, however, and depending on the size and depth, the hole must be left uncovered for 7-10 days for the concrete to set before any foundation repair can begin.

Steel Piers

Even though not the preferred or most common solution, steel piers are certainly the most dependable for foundation repair jobs with almost 100% success rate. This process has become a lot more technical and data-driven over time, making the installation process quicker and smoother while also disturbing less of the landscape around it. These galvanized steel pipes are hollow and filled with a cement-like grout once installed, ensuring they remain in place and do not rust.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are arguably the most underused of all foundation repair solutions. These screw piles are driven into the soil and can last more than 100 years. These minimize installation times and cause very little disturbance to the soil around it when compared to other methods.

Spot Piers

Spot piers are a quick and easy foundation repair option that’s perfect for smaller jobs such as a porch.  These hand-dug holes are strategically placed and filled with concrete to correct any problems with the foundation.

Mud Jacking

This type of repair work is ideal for smaller jobs such as raising porches, steps, and other small concrete surfaces.

Moreover, while raising the foundation mudjacking fills in all the cracks in the foundation.

This is a very controlled and eco-friendly process that will not affect the soil around it or disturb or destroy the property.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation repair costs will differ massively due to regional location and pricing trends, not to mention the extent of the damage that needs to be rectified.

Foundation Repair Cost

When the problem is addressed sooner than later and damage has been minimized, foundation repair can cost in the region of $1,950. On the opposite end of the spectrum, this type of repair work can come in as high as $6,950-$10,000+ when left untreated and deteriorating. On average, however, foundation repair will cost around $4,500.

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