When you need some concrete work done for your home, in most cases it involves comparing estimates and hiring a masonry contractor near you.

While you can get a general idea of how much work will be required, how long it should take, and the overall concrete work costs involved with completing your project,  it’s important to get in touch with local contractors to discuss all your options and compare estimates.

There are certain types of information that can help you estimate the cost of the work. That way, you can more effectively compare estimates from different contractors.

Types of Concrete Work

Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks contain a mix of cement and aggregates and have various uses both residentially and commercially.

This product is generally used in the construction of foundations, security barriers, bearing walls, landscaping design, retaining walls, screening walls, fences, and so much more.

Concrete steps

Concrete steps are versatile and perfect for both interior as well as exterior solutions.

However, for the sake of durability, safety, and lasting aesthetic appeal, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional for this project.

Concrete sidewalk

Concrete sidewalks are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for creating a border or separating and outlining specific areas of your property.

Concrete also allows for many options for elaborate effects through stamping techniques, and it will last for decades. And for something that last’s this long, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Concrete sealer

Nowadays, applying a concrete sealer is easy, but to get the right type of finish, most homeowners opt for a professional contractor that will get the job done with the least amount of hassle. However, if you’re going to have concrete sealer applied to your surfaces, you have to make sure it’s not only attractive but long-lasting too.

Masonry chimney

Masonry chimneys have many design variations that can influence not only its installation but also repair cost. These are also the safest of all, having been tried and tested over the centuries. Installation can be a very time-consuming process and you are likely to require more than one professional working on the construction. When it comes to repairs – it’s highly recommended to address problems as soon as you notice them.


Mudjacking is the process of taking existing concrete that has settled and become uneven with other slabs around it and raising it to an even level by pumping a slurry of mud underneath the slabs.

This is done by creating holes in the slab and inserting a hose that proceeds to pump a mixture underneath until it is raised to a suitable level.

Foundation Repair

When the foundation of your home or property is damaged, some foundation repair may become inevitable.

Unfortunately, this is all too common with roughly 80% of structural home insurance claims stemming from problems with the foundation.  This type of repair work can become a total nightmarish experience for many homeowners.