Brick is one of the most (if not the most common) of all building materials. You simply can’t beat the rugged look and lasting durability.

Laying a brick walkway around your home and up to your front door enhances the property’s overall look and curb appeal, making it one of the best investments you can make around the home.

However, as with most things the home, some brick sidewalk repair is inevitable from time to time. However, broken, sunken, or sagging bricks are not a very attractive sight, and tree root growth can cause its fair share of damage to your brick walkway.

How Much Does A Brick Walkway / Sidewalk Cost?

In many parts of the US, the city handles all repairs to the sidewalk in front of your home, but this isn’t always the case. It’s always advised to check with your local municipality if you’re unsure whether or not this responsibility falls on you. Many homeowners are somewhat disgruntled when they come to learn that the responsibility of any brick sidewalk repair will fall on them.

Garden stone path with grass growing up between and around stones, Brick Sidewalk

Similar to most home repair jobs of this nature, it would be hard to get an exact price without getting some of your details, for example, your regional location, and the contractor you choose to work with. And it’s important to remember that no two projects are the same.

However, several costs can be estimated based on average national figures. For example, bricks can cost anywhere between  $0.50 – $5.00. Walkway bricks, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $8 – $18 per brick. This is, of course, just the price of bricks and does not include the price of any labor for your brick sidewalk repair.

Taking into consideration all the possible related costs, the average cost to repair a brick sidewalk comes in anywhere between $750 $1,925. However, the average brick walkway repair costs around $1,275.00.

This price can not only be affected by the size of the job, your regional pricing trends, and the contractor you choose to work with, but also whether or not any repair work or landscaping has to be performed to the existing area before your brick walkway repair can commence. On the higher end of the spectrum, brick sidewalk repair can cost anywhere in the region of $3,500 – $3,800. 

These prices should include the cost of labor, the bricks themselves, as well as any prep work and rubble removal required.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid DIYer with some minor broken brickwork to repair, you could get away with a cost as low as $80 – $300.

Always keep in mind that poor installation and bad workmanship will only lead to a temporary fix and can only exacerbate your problems. Always consult with a local professional.

How Much Does Masonry Sidewalk Repair Cost?

Some masonry repair services charge a minimum fee no matter how small the job might be.

However, most will offer a free estimate without charging you anything.

The minimum service shouldn’t apply either unless you end up hiring.

Minimum fees can range but expect in the region of $250$300. This can range up to $600 for a small brick sidewalk, depending on the amount of time it takes to complete the job.  For larger jobs, the average rate is $750 – $1,150 per day. When it comes to

How To Find The Right Contractor

Referrals by someone with first-hand experience are often your best bet. If a friend, family member, or neighbor were satisfied with their brick sidewalk repair, you could get a quote from the same contractor after viewing some of the work.

However, even if you do, it’s always advised to compare at least a minimum of 3 estimates from local professionals.

This way you have the opportunity to not only compare rates but the opportunity to discuss all your options and unique requirement.

Be ready with some questions, and definitely inquire how long the repair work will take.

Reputable contractors are generally well-organized and willing to commit to basic timelines.

If a contractor displays a good amount of knowledge and offers you a reasonable estimate, you should consider hiring.

But never neglect to compare estimates and don’t ever settle on the first quote you receive if the price looks good.

Request a Free Estimate from Local Professionals

If you need some brick sidewalk repair, why not reach out to a contractor near you for a FREE quote. Simply request an estimate to compare costs and choose the best one that suits your budget.