Brick & Stone Fire Pit Installation Cost

Brick and stone fire pit installations can make a wonderful addition to any home with a spacious outdoor area. In fact, nowadays you can even opt for smaller models that can fit into just about any backyard no matter how small.  Even more appealing is the fact that a fire pit creates a centerpiece for […]

Brick Steps

Staircases are an essential part of most homes.  Aside from practical functionality, brick steps can also be built as a decorative feature in many different styles to add massive curb appeal to your property. When considering the cost to build brick steps, keep in mind that the type of bricks, the scope of the job, […]

Masonry Chimney Repair Cost

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in front of the fireplace on a cold, rainy day during the holidays. And even if your home has been built without a fireplace, you don’t have to miss out on all the comforts it can provide. Nowadays, installing a fireplace or wood-burning stove is easy – and these […]

Mudjacking – Concrete Leveling Cost

To repair a sunken and misaligned concrete driveway for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement, mudjacking (or slab jacking) is done in an effort to raise and pitch the slabs to the desired height. Almost any size concrete slab can be treated in this manner. However, most attractive is the fact that […]

Brick Veneer Cost

Brick veneer’s natural texture-rich colors and high-quality design make it irreplaceable for many homeowners. The traditional textures radiate the warmth of authentic spaces throughout homes, offices, and gardens. You can choose the type of brick veneer according to your unique style and taste to create the look you’ve always wanted. Equally, the grout type and […]

Brick Walkway Cost

When it comes to installing a new driveway or walkway, homeowners have endless options. And although concrete driveways are a lot more common, brick walkways have several advantages. Bricks also offer a simple and effective way of improving your property’s curb appeal. Not only is it a functional addition, but a brick walkway can bring […]

Brick Flooring Cost

What Is Brick Flooring? Brick flooring has been around for thousands of years as an alternative to stone.  Due to the fact that it is relatively durable, inexpensive, and fireproof, brick became a widespread building material as cities surged forward. This lead to bricks not only used for constructing buildings but walkways and flooring too. […]

Cinder Blocks – Concrete Blocks – Bricks

Concrete blocks, also called cinder blocks, are some of the most commonly used building materials in construction. This product is generally used in the construction of foundations, security barriers, bearing walls, landscaping design, retaining walls, screening walls, fences, and so much more. But, although the words “concrete block” and “cinder block” are used interchangeably, it’s […]

Retaining Wall Blocks Cost

What Are Retaining Walls Used For? If your property has uneven terrain,  you’ve probably considered a retaining wall. Retaining walls serve many purposes for both residential and commercial applications. But essentially, a retaining wall is built to hold back soil and ensure it remains in place. However, retaining walls can be built to increase the […]

Brick Paving Contractor Cost

No matter how you look at it, there are always pros and cons to every material you choose to work with for home remodeling and improvement projects. More often than not, when homeowners decide to do some paving, they feel a bit undecided about whether to go for concrete or brick pavers. Why Choose Brick […]